Breckenridge Insurance Group Announces Formation Of New Company Specializing In Transactional Liability Insurance

Tracey Carragher, Chief Executive Officer of Breckenridge Insurance Group, announced the formation of Vista Insurance Advisors, a new company that provides the Transactional and Mergers and Acquisitions market with expert insurance guidance and access to a broad portfolio of coverage options.

Vista Insurance Advisors is led by Chief Executive Officer Thomas Dowd based in New York. Dowd is an underwriting expert with 35+ years of experience in all classes of transactional and management liability coverage including innovative reps and warranties solutions. Dowd has worked for and with AIG, Lloyd's, Crum & Forster, Employers Insurance of Wausau and Seneca Insurance.

“The high stakes and complexity of today’s M&A market makes transactional insurance a paramount consideration for helping buyers and sellers strengthen valuation and increase the certainty of closing a deal,” said Carragher. “Vista Insurance Advisors works directly with the law firms, investment banks and accounting firms that facilitate these deals to identify insurance needs…then partners with top-rated insurers to build customized coverages that meet each situation’s unique requirements.”

Dowd leads a team of well-respected transactional insurance experts, each with at least 30 years of experience and an impressive range of credentials in the profession.

Dowd commented, “Our team is skilled at handling highly confidential information and is familiar with the rapid pace of finalizing mergers and acquisitions and other transactions. Each Vista Insurance Advisor essentially becomes a member of the deal team, facilitating insurance needs in real time as the deal clock is running.”

In addition to insurance consulting and supplemental due diligence services, Vista Insurance Advisors offers the following types of coverage through its broad network of insurers:

• Representations & Warranties;

• Adverse Tax Liability;

• Securities Acts Liability (and similar public or private offering liability);

• Litigation Buyout;

• Cyber Liability related to M&A and other special transactions;

• Contingent Liability / Performance Warranty;

• Directors & Officers Liability related to M&A and other special transactions.

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