BrandProtect To Add STIX/TAXII Support To Threat Detection Platform Featured

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BrandProtect™ will support the emerging security industry standard STIX/TAXII threat data sharing in its industry-leading cyber threat detection and risk analysis platform. Trials of the BrandProtect STIX/TAXII implementation are underway, and will expand in the coming weeks and months.

“The new STIX/TAXII standards, which facilitate standardized threat-data sharing, are finding support at the world’s top financial institutions,” said Michael Kiefer, general manager, BrandProtect. “BrandProtect is committed to supporting this evolving new standard.”

With hundreds of enterprise customers, representing every major industry and geography, BrandProtect is in a unique position in the cyber-intelligence and cyber-risk analysis world. Through its industry-leading social threat monitoring and analysis platform, BrandProtect collects and develops data detailing thousands of potentially threatening incidents every day. Through direct observation, BrandProtect estimates that the cyber threat universe has more than doubled in scope year over year.

Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) is a collaborative, community-driven effort to define and develop a standardized language to represent structured cyber threat information. The STIX Language intends to convey the full range of potential cyber threat information and strives to be fully expressive, flexible, extensible, automatable, and as human-readable as possible. Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII™) is the main transport mechanism for cyber threat information represented as STIX. Through the use of TAXII services, organizations can share cyber threat information in a secure and automated manner.

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