DUAL Commercial Launches New Online Cyber Program

DUAL Commercial, LLC is pleased to announce the development of its new Cyber program led by Phil Hoyt. DUAL has created a state of the art online platform which simplifies the application process and creates a bindable premium quotation complete with e-signature capabilities. DUAL CyberSecurity provides coverage in conjunction with DUAL Commercial’s wide array of programs, as well as on a stand alone basis. DUAL’s new Cyber program provides both First and Third Party coverage across a broad spectrum of businesses. “Cybersecurity has become a serious concern for our clients. Working in collaboration with our partners at Lloyds and our brokers, we have built a web portal specifically for Cybersecurity Insurance. The portal is efficient, simple to use and provides quotes in real time for our wholesale business partners.” Phil Hoyt, Director of Cyber Insurance

Cybersecurity presents unique challenges to small businesses. In the event of a cyber attack, the costs associated with addressing past vulnerabilities and defense of future attacks, is often prohibitive to small businesses. DUAL Commercial’s new Cyber program can offer peace of mind to small businesses and their clients.
“At DUAL we are committed to developing comprehensive insurance programs unique to each specific industry and exposure. Our new cyber program addresses the unique cyber exposures that companies face today and moving forward. Our policy form offers extensive coverage, specialized claims and data breach response services.” Justin Tweedie, CEO

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