VIQ Dataworxs Awarded New Digital Capture and Workflow Contract With Canadian Police Force

VIQ Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that VIQ Dataworxs, in conjunction with reseller Edi-Cord WPS, has been awarded an Audioworxs Enterprise capture and workflow system contract with an Ontario, Canada police force.

The department will use secured interactive telephone recording technology to capture officers' in-field reports, which will then be routed through a sophisticated city-wide workflow using the VIQ enterprise digital workflow. The customer chose the VIQ Audioworxs platform because the sophisticated digital workflow capabilities enable them to streamline their reporting procedures and reduce the amount of paperwork required for officers and staff.

In addition to the Audioworxs implementation, the customer is piloting AudioWav Mic for in-car reporting. AudioWav Mic works in conjunction with in-vehicle computers allowing the officer to report any encounter instantly and have it transmitted over the department's wireless network.

"The Audioworxs advanced voice management system instantly provides an incredible boost to the police department's productivity by digitizing their incident capture procedures, which greatly reduces the amount of paperwork for the officers, and providing secure, automated back-end management and workflow," said Daryl Duda, VIQ Dataworxs Vice President of Sales and Business Development. "We look forward to working with them on the implementation of the AudioWav Mic once their initial phase is complete."

The police force joins a growing number of law enforcement agencies around the world who are embracing new digital trends from capture of incident audio, video and other evidence to workflow, collaboration and mobility outside in the field.

"As recent press releases have shown, law enforcement agencies are adapting rapidly to new digital trends while strengthening their cybersecurity and operational effectiveness by better utilizing their digital assets, key areas where VIQ Dataworxs has an established global pedigree," added Sebastien Paré, CEO of VIQ Solutions. "Our footprint in global law enforcement continues to grow, and enables us to leverage our existing global customer base to implement additional sophisticated features like smartphone integration, video capture and online collaboration as our customers' needs advance."

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