ID Experts® Launches First Complete Identity Protection Solution For Health Plans to Address Identity Fraud and Data Breach Risks

ID Experts® Launches First Complete Identity Protection Solution For Health Plans to Address Identity Fraud and Data Breach Risks

In today's world of cyber attacks and data breaches, sensitive information is readily exposed. As a result, consumers are increasingly vulnerable to financial identity theft, medical identity theft, and fraud risks. Health plans can now take preventive steps to address these potential risks and harms to their members by providing them with a complete range of identity protection, monitoring, and recovery services.

ID Experts for Health Plans is a highly configurable set of offerings that includes MyIDCare™, the most-used identity protection product by the federal government; MIDAS™, the industry's only transaction-based medical identity monitoring service; and

ID Experts for Health Plans meets the unique needs of health plans and includes:

Identity monitoring products

  • Medical identity monitoring: for members to monitor their healthcare transactions, making it easy for them to detect fraudulent use of their medical identity
  • Single- or tri-bureau credit monitoring: monitors a consumer's credit file and provides notification and alerts of activity to such files
  • Cyber and identity monitoring: monitors dark web marketplaces and other avenues for potential sale or misuse of personal information

Identity recovery services

  • Identity recovery services: complete identity recovery and resolution services with ACFE-certified experts to ensure members' identities are restored to pre-theft status. ID Experts' proven approach diagnoses and resolves issues with a 100 percent success rate
  • ID theft insurance: identity theft reimbursement insurance up to $1 million per individual for outside covered legal and professional services
  • Concierge-style advisory: direct access by phone or email to US-based bi-lingual identity specialists real time questions about any identity fraud concerns
  • Integrated online member experience: One-stop shop for alerts, advice, and information to protect the member's identity

Health fraud products and services

  • Medical transaction alerts: an innovative customer-centric solution enabling health plan members to monitor and detect potential identity fraud
  • Medical identity fraud recovery: full service, personalized service by certified professionals for addressing medical identity fraud for members and notification to health plan fraud units

Breach response services

  • Breach response project management: End-to-end management of every aspect of a data breach response including coordination with outside counsel, breach coach, and cyber insurance carriers
  • Digital forensics investigation. Timely forensic analysis helps contain the damage, determine the scope of a breach, and plan your response
  • Notification and mailing: Drafting of compliance notification to individuals and regulatory authorities, along with mailing and address verification services
  • Call center and breach website: Development of call scripts and rapid setup and staffing of call center and breach website for communication & enrollment of affected individuals

"The healthcare industry needs to protect individuals from the inevitable harms of cyber attacks and data breaches," said Tom Hawes, M.D., managing director at Sandbox Industries and ID Experts board member. "With ID Experts for Health Plans, the company is uniquely positioned to serve plans' needs to minimize risks to their members and their business."


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