SecureWorks to Deliver Critical Cyber Security Services to NH-ISAC Members At Preferred Prices

SecureWorks to Deliver Critical Cyber Security Services to NH-ISAC Members At Preferred Prices

SecureWorks® has teamed with the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) to provide critical cybersecurity services to NH-ISAC member organizations at preferential prices.

NH-ISAC has chosen SecureWorks as its security provider of choice for the ‘Security Operations Services’ category of CYBERFIT®, a set of services provided through a partnership of NH-ISAC and a group of trusted IT security companies. The goal of CYBERFIT is to help health care organizations of all sizes meet the cybersecurity challenges facing them on a daily basis.

As part of CYBERFIT, SecureWorks will offer six solutions to NH-ISAC members at preferred pricing:

  • Vulnerability Management: SecureWorks will perform quarterly vulnerability scans on a specified number of external and internal IPs. SecureWorks analysts will review the results of the scans with the member and discuss recommendations. Unlimited additional scans can be run.
  • One-time Vulnerability Scan: SecureWorks will provide a one-time vulnerability scan of member-specified systems, report on the findings, and discuss suitable recommendations.
  • Web Application Testing: SecureWorks will test web applications specified by the NH-ISAC member, provide a comprehensive report on the findings, and schedule a call to review the results and discuss recommendations.
  • Malware Analysis: SecureWorks will perform analysis of suspected malware submitted by the NH-ISAC member for assessment and issue a report on the malware with recommendations.
  • Penetration Testing: SecureWorks will perform penetration tests of member-specified internal and external IT systems and provide a comprehensive report on the findings. SecureWorks analysts will review the results with the member and discuss suitable recommendations.
  • Incident Response: If a security event occurs, SecureWorks will provide Incident Response services, incident reports, and discuss how best to prevent security events in the future. Members can also purchase an incident response retainer option and receive a wide range of services to help their organization both respond to and prepare for a security event, including tabletop exercises and malware analysis.

“Unfortunately, health care organizations are not immune to cybercrime,” said Greg Barnes, chief information security officer at Amgen, an active NH-ISAC member. “Whether they want to steal patient data or hold it for ransom, cyber attackers are putting pressure on health care organizations large and small to harden their networks and improve their ability to quickly respond to attacks.”

SecureWorks’ vulnerability management, technical testing and incident response capabilities remove the administration and maintenance burdens of handling these critical security functions in-house, enabling health care organizations to focus on their core business.

SecureWorks’ security solutions combine the experience and expertise of its Counter Threat UnitTM (CTU) team of researchers, analysts and responders as well as the global threat visibility that comes from protecting 4,400 organizations in 61 countries, and the company’s award-winning SecureWorks Counter Threat PlatformTM (CTP). The CTP is the foundation of SecureWorks’ information security solutions and leverages machine learning and data analytics to deliver insights and countermeasures to clients.

“Health care organizations of all sizes need cybersecurity expertise they can trust,” said Jeffrey Longoria, vice president of sales at SecureWorks. “The CYBERFIT program will help health care organizations tap into the collective visibility and experiences of the network of SecureWorks’ clients, and will allow them to rapidly mature their threat prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.”

“Vulnerability management, incident response and penetration testing are important elements of building a strong security posture,” said Denise Anderson, president of NH-ISAC. “Adding SecureWorks’ industry-recognized solutions to CYBERFIT offers NH-ISAC members the capability to streamline their procurement processes at reduced cost.”

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