VIDEO: Big Data - Cyber Security

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by Cyber Policy Magazine, 6 years ago

News of the latest big “hack” makes headlines and headaches for corporations and individuals who become susceptible to the cyber security breaches. The CMC forum on Wednesday, July 1 offered a discussion about big data and cyber security with experts including Kirk Herath, VP and associate general counsel and chief privacy office from Nationwide Insurance Companies, Greg Shannon, chief scientist for CERT Division at Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute and Corey Collins, special agent, FBI. Moderating the panel is Padma Sastry, senior consultant and program manager at Nationwide Insurance.
The forum included how hackers get into data systems, recommended safety measures and explored the role of government and law enforcement. “As individuals, we are equally responsible for our own data,” says Sastry. She believes that the general public can be educated to understand how to be more careful about personal data. She believes it is safer to “never assume there is no hacker out there.”
Dr. Shannon talks about the loopholes that cyber criminals or pranksters seek to corrupt or steal data. Just as technology evolves and protective measures are improved, the hackers also up their game in their mission to disrupt, corrupt and deceive.

International cybercrime can be explained in three areas including, first, attacks against hardware, second, financial crimes involving stealing critical personal through data, fraud and “phishing.” The third type of cybercrime is abuse, particularly against children in the form of abusive images. Interpol estimates that the cost of cybercrime in the global economy is in the billions of dollars.
Cyber security has become an increasingly international challenge blurring the lines between government spying and criminal hacking.